Tire, as the only component contact ground, has significant effects on the performance of vehicle in traction, braking and accelerating. It is also critical for vehicle safety. In the century-long history of automobile development, tire experts constantly improving tire performance by using new technologies and new materials.

Trustwell graphene rubber pre-dispersed master batch provides tire designer a new tool for further enhance tires in safety, fuel efficiency and other performance.

Adopting Trustwell graphene to pre-disperse master batch, only a small amount of graphene (0.5% wt) added into tread formula which is based on SSBR and high volume silica can reduce the rolling resistance for up to 15% lifting the tire from class C (original formula) to nearly class A. Less rolling resistant result in fuel efficiency1 and CO2 emission reducing2.

Road test results also suggest that adding a small amount of graphene to a tread formula by using Trustwell graphene pre-dispersed master batch can significantly improve grip and reduce braking distances on wet surfaces by 2 meters comparing to original.

1.  According to test result released by EU, switching from Class G tyres to Class A tyres can reduce fuel consumption by up to 9%, 

     this equates to a cost saving of €660 over the lifetime of the tyres. Class F tyres are not allowed to sell after 1st Jan 2017

2. There is quite good sgreement among (recent) literature sources. In general, they suggest that a 10% lower RR will result in 1.5 to 2% lower CO2 emission. 

     Influence of Rolling Resistance on CO2, icct working paper 2012-6, 9 November 2012