Chengdu Trustwell New Material Co., Ltd.

Chengdu Trustwell New Material Co., Ltd. is polymer technology R&D oriented company dedicated to the development, manufacture, promoting solution for lifting life style and environment friendly applications.

Based on our long cooperation with Sichuan University, Trustwell acquired world leading graphene dispersing technology developed by Polymer Institute at Sichuan University. Called Latex Mixing, In Situ Reduced dispersing, it is first time in the world to tackle issues of graphene’s difficult to dispersing yet easy to reunion therefore open a tremendous potential for graphene being used in rubber application. After the following application development, we are able to produce, based on this technology, graphene pre-dispersed master batch which is now widely be using in tire making, rubber seal parts, vibration isolator etc. Trustwell® graphene pre-dispersed mater batch contains 10% GE which has been uniformly dispersed into matrix rubber can be selected from application to application. It is process ready, perfect graphene stratus controlled and electronics conductive network formed that give rubber a great lifting in anti-aging, higher tear energy, lower rolling resistance, and antistatic therefore an ideal material for rubber reinforcement in multi applications.

We are delight to have rubber makers as well as parts producers to cooperate in order to develop the new, more functional rubber model or parts to make our world cleaner, more effective and better environment.